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⅓ of your LIFE is spent at work

Scalable professional development for the future of work and wellness.

A just-in-time pocket problem solver

to stay focused, motivated, and cohesive
Manage Stress and Anxiety
Manage Stress + Anxiety
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build mental resilience
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gain self-awareness
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develop holistic health
Improve Work Productivity
Improve Work Productivity
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manage time, minimize regret
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make difficult decisions
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set and meet goals
Build Lasting Relationships
Build Lasting Relationships
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Connect with Others
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communicate & resolve conflict
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motivate and Lead

Solving common problems of
traditional leadership training

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why leaders choose LIFE

We all arrive at work with varying levels of emotional literacy. Schools don't teach soft skills, but effective collaboration requires them. LIFE bridges that gap. Holistic leadership, wellness, and relationship skills, digitized for the efficiency and fluidity of the modern workplace.
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Complete Self Management

LIFE coaches employees on everything from decisions to conflicts, empowering them to address issues on their own with confidence and privacy.
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Scalable & Affordable

If only some leaders receive coaching, strategies may fall on the deaf ears of those untrained. A common language helps your people communicate more effectively.
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Continuous Practice

80% of what we learn is lost in just days. That’s why seminars and conferences don’t stick. LIFE’s ongoing, adaptive lessons create real change.
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Easy Roll-Out

Simple to purchase and gift to your team. Provide emails, and we'll send logins with your personalized message. A digital umbrella for rainy days.
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Asynchronous & Remote

Today's teams are global and fluid. LIFE can be used within a team or alone: limited by neither space nor time, throughout transitions and time zones.
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Conducting 1-on-1s? Prepare in just 20 mins with LIFE's conversation exercise. Frustrated with a colleague? Pick from exercises to cope, solve, and communicate it away.
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My goal is to motivate my team on a daily basis. LIFE’s cognitive training helps them think differently: to better problem-solve for themselves, or with clients. It has made my team happier, more fulfilled, efficient, and collaborative than ever.
Pete Mickartz, Beyond Pricing
Senior Director of Sales
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One thing that makes LIFE so useful is its ability to show how, despite us all being unique, we encounter similar issues and need ways to deal appropriately. Used on entire teams, everyone can obtain the same knowledge and learn to treat each other with respect.
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"LIFE is a cognitive training product which enables its users to reflect on several topics of life as we know it. The original discovery was for a self-learning to make remote workers more self-aware. After trialing the software myself, I believe it has far bigger impact."
Neil Kelly, Luno
Director of Engineering
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Use LIFE to:

Brand & Attract
80% of employees say they prefer to work for firms sponsoring employee development and wellness programs.
Motivate & Train
93% of professionals say they would stay longer at a firm that invests in their personal & professional development.
Lead & Retain
70% of an employee's perception of their company's culture results from their manager's emotional intelligence level.

Because your people, and their people, are your best investment.

With the LIFE family plan, support your employees and their loved ones, so they can bring their best in and out every day.
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